Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old Fart Update

well, it's official... i just received my membership certificate (#34927) certifying that i now a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association

i believe this means a free slice of pie, though i may have misread the bylaws...

now i just need to shave my head, grow a white beard, take up smoking a pipe and figure out where to buy those lightning bolt things, and i'll be finally ready to work CW.

(by the way... quarter century still means 25 years, right? not 125 years? i mean, jeebus... if you get your first license at 15, 25 years puts you at 40... and if you don't get your first license until you're 25, 25 years puts you at 50... if you're 50 and you look like the 'old guy' in the association logo, i think you may be sitting too close to the antenna!

anyway, another honor i didn't have to do anything to earn except not die. (woo hoo!)
de Robin (W6RDG)

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