Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Radio Silence...

hey blog-o-sphere... just wanted to put up a quick post... i'm still here and 'hammin it up' but other than the local VHF Friday Morning Talk Net that my friend Kristen, K6WX runs, and checking in to the local Cupertino CARES HF net last week, i've not been able to get on the air... life and health and work and such... plus, it looks like i'm gonna go back in the studio and start recording my podcast again... so more time for one microphone and less time for another... but i'm determined to get my Extra and may well study and try to get my upgrade before the end of 2009.

in the meanwhile, here's a photo of my original, apparently hand-made, SST-T1 antenna tuner... still have it and it still works... you can read the story about the SST stuff, here, on the web (Greg Ginn who probably built my unit later ran SST Records which is still around, and he was kind enough to write back to me when i sent him some photos)... but this is a golden-oldie (with hand transferred lettering, complete with clear nail polish coating) from all the way back to 1972

enjoy and 73!
de Robin (W6RDG)